THe story of benefit the badge

I just knew it {charity softball tournament} was not going to do what they needed, and my family and I wanted to do more.
— Nolan Fogle explaining the start of Benefit the Badge

And that was the start of how Nolan, Babette, Autumn and Blake Fogle led the charge of the Fogle Family Foundation's first fundraiser, Benefit The Badge.

The family is quick to thank a lot of people and businesses that helped Benefit The Badge raise over $110,000 for local law enforcement.

To have the chance to work so closely with a lot of great people and turn and see your kids working just as hard, it does this momma’s heart good; we are blessed and very proud.
— Babette Fogle on the volunteers and working with her children

Benefit the Badge inaugural weekend was March 31st - April 1st of 2017 with sporting events of all kinds including kick ball, ping pong, dodgeball, mini golf, and more.

I don’t think people understand what it means to my team, local law enforcement, to see everyone coming together and not just exceeding our goal, but destroying it. Many people helped, but there was one leader, one driver, and I love him, Nolan Fogle.
— Stan Dobbins, Branson Police Chief, and interim City Manager

 How did it start?

Chief Dobbins wanted a softball tournament to defray the costs of National Law Enforcement Week.

City Spokesperson, Jennifer Langford suggested he call on local, professional softball player, Nolan Fogle.

Fogle knew a softball tournament wouldn't raise the needed funds, so he and his family took action.

They built a team of volunteers and extended the work season for some of their key personnel to help accomplish the inaugural event. The Fogles own six restaurants and a food distribution company in Branson. 

It worked.

Benefit The Badge raised over $100,000 in their first year!

The original $35,000 needed to fund local law enforcement week in June and the rest to help provide the essentials that our local law enforcement requirements.

I was shocked at what some of the local departments needed and for Benefit The Badge to be able to help, I’m very proud.
— Autumn Fogle, Head Volleyball Coach at Trinity Academy

In addition to the inaugural multi-sports tournament series,  Benefit The Badge also held several live and silent auctions, a concert by Jason Pritchett, a 1920s themed casino night called the Gatsby Gala at Branson's Pasghetti's (one of the family's restaurants), and a Fall Classic Hitting for our Heroes softball tournament.  

That was a cool event, to see Law Enforcement and everyone come out and have fun together. It sends a great message.
— Blake Fogle, junior at Trinity Academy